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Background music

Background music

The amplifier of your company

Music is more important than we think. It magnifies the emotion and enhances the experience. Consciously, but much more often subconsciously. Based on this knowledge, Trend developed tailor-made music & media, or in other words: music that contributes to every customer experience.

Whether in a shop, in the catering industry or in a gym. Our aim is to provide a tailor-made solution and to make life easier for you. We do this in various ways with innovative products.

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Muziek voor de retail


Research has shown that personnel are more motivated to work with music. According to, this applies to no less than 80% of the working population.

Achtergrond muziek voor de retail
Muziek voor fitness scholen
Achtergrond voor de fitness branche


80% of sportsmen and women say that they are more motivated to exercise by playing music. Music makes you feel good by stimulating the reward systems in the brain. Cheerful or stirring music causes, among other things, a higher production of the happiness hormone, which makes you feel better.

Muziek voor hotels

Hotels & Restaurants

Creating the right atmosphere is very important for the appearance of your hotel or wellness. The right music will prolong the relaxed atmosphere you want to radiate in your wellness. But it also 'shortens' the waiting time at the reception desk in your hotel.

Achtergrondmuziek voor hotels & restaurants
Muziek voor cafes
Muziek voor in de horeca

Cafe’s & Sportkantines

We developed the Horeca Music Player specifically based on the wishes and requirements that apply to the hotel and catering industry. The music player is completely designed for use in pubs, restaurants or canteens: a user-friendly interface with touch screen.

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